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Infographic on neurotransmitters in the brain. Neuroscience. Brain. Infographics. Science. Neurons.

A great Infographic on neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are so important for brain function and happiness!

Attachment Theory with pictures. Helpful pictorial view of attachment and its presentations.

ATTACHMENT - The Attachment Parenting is a Style of Parenting that Emphasizes the Importance of a Secure & Close Relationship Between the Parent & Child. There is Value in Understanding the Fundamentals of Attachment Theory.

These helpful strategies can be used to facilitate auditory memory of word lists, sentences, or directions at any age! Teaching these strategies to children as young as 7 can help improve their ability to recall auditory information, especially for those with diagnosed Central Auditory Processing Disorders.

These are strategies to support memory for the human brain and these strategies work for all ages. Teaching these strategies at a young age can help students recall auditory information.

What Central Auditory Processing Disorder Is (for your friends, family, teachers, etc.) (CAPD) - Slide Presentation by Lynda Waller

My dear friend Lynda Waller whom is also co-author of the book Same Journey Different Paths; Stories of Auditory Processing Disorder , .

attachment theory/cycle - Is Bowlby still relevant

Ambivalent Attachment Style/ Attatchment style development for children-simplified and a great resource.

#domesticviolence #dvam Call the ACTS domestic violence crisis line at 703-221-4951. Support Action in Community Through Service...

Wheel highlights the long-term effects of various types of abuse on children. If we can't keep our disagreements civil and constructive, we must keep them away from our children!