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the sky is very cloudy and there are buildings in the distance with no clouds on them
Cliff | Photography
Small City roof | Photography
the sky is full of clouds and some buildings are in the foreground with trees on either side
Cliff | Photography
Summer Afternoon Sky | Photography
the sky is filled with clouds over some buildings and green grass in front of them
Clouds before rain | Photography
closeup of green needles on a pine tree
Leaves of Plant | Photography
a lit candle sitting on top of a wooden bowl
Diya during Diwali | Photography
Adventure Photography, Cross Necklace
Ant's Food Search Adventure | Photography
two yellow and black birds standing next to each other on a stone wall with trees in the background
Yellow headed Sparrow | Photography
some black bugs on a tree branch with green leaves
Ant Meeting 🙋‍♂️ | Photography
a man on skis in the snow at night with stars above him and behind him
Stars | Photography
a black insect sitting on top of a green leaf
Ant Hiding in the rain | Photography
trees and bushes in the woods with no leaves on them
Cliff | Photography
Tree closeup view
the full moon is seen in the dark sky
Moon | Photography
a bird sitting on top of a cement wall
Sparrow | Photography
an aerial view of a lake surrounded by trees and rocks in the foreground, under a cloudy sky
Cliff | Photography