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a stop sign has been altered to look like it is painted with different colors and shapes
The Fox is Black
The Fox is Black — Eat. Drink. Design.
a pink and yellow bed with a white headboard
Greg Bogin at The Hole NYC
a bunch of different colored papers with writing on them that are attached to a curtain
Insanely Creative Escort Cards and Seating Displays
Jeweled escort cards made from Lucite.
an orange and white star shaped object sitting on the ground next to a metal wall
Protected Knowledge — New American Public Art
there is a pink sign that says one continent park in front of some plants and trees
Idea Garden | Juliette van Rhyn
a wooden cutout of a person holding a baby in front of a brick wall
Graphic Design Bot
an abstract painting on the wall in a room with white walls and blue flooring
LoT Space Concept Store Mural
LoT Space Concept Store Mural on Behance
a red and white sign hanging from the side of a building next to a wall
喫茶 パピヨン 琴平町 JR琴平駅前
an assortment of different colored banners hanging from a wooden stand with instructions on the side
Arbre à posters
many different colored ribbons hanging from the ceiling
Dutch Design Week 2018: "If Not Us, Then Who?" - Core77
Dutch Design Week 2018: "If Not Us, Then Who?" - Core77
a pink and yellow painting hanging on the side of a white wall next to a window
AO On Site – Los Angeles: Pacific Standard Time Crosscurrents in L.A. Painting and Sculpture, 1950-1970 at the J. Paul Getty Museum through February 5, 2012
Craig Kauffman
a person holding up a white box with the word gallery guide printed on it in front of an orange wall
Unconventional Design for an Unconventional Exhibition
there are many colorful banners hanging on the wall
Installations - Formes Vives, l'atelier