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Evil fairy tail. I WOULD PAY TO SEE THIS [I'm broke, so you understand]

Evil Counterparts by blanania - Fairy Tail -- I feel like they're not evil, just power forms



“awdplace: “ Be whatever you want to be. Your friends will back you up. Mimikkyu is the best thing to happen to Pokemon… Look at these Pika-boo’s… ” I’m not crying you’re crying ”

undertale, gaster

the-ut-trashlords: “ i feel like someone made this already i am certain someone made this already im sorry to whoever i unconsciously stole the idea from because i thought i came up with it first but i probably saw it somewhere and thats where i got.

Litten, my tough little baby, you're not kitten anymore tho I still love my baby. ( not romantic)

excited for the new pokemon! :D decided to do some gijinkas of the new starters for fun~ print will be available at AX!