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an image of two people in comics one is black and the other is brown with blue eyes
Skyward ai art
a futuristic fighter jet flying through the air with green lights on it's nose
Elevated front view of M-Bot flying over the planet Detritus.  Spensa can be seen at the controls with Doomslug nestled behind her.  The sky is completely obscured by orbiting space junk. Robert Jordan, Grey Plates, Lego Building Instructions, Building Instructions, Lego Art, Lego Building, Fantasy Novels
Lego M-Bot, Spensa, and Doomslug
a computer screen with an image of a fighter jet
Aegis Saber, Gavin Rothery
a fighter jet flying through the air with clouds in the backgrounds
Skyward- Brandon Sanderson🌌 🪐
an animated image of a man in uniform holding a book and looking at the camera
a fighter jet flying through the air at night
Skyward- Brandon Sanderson🌌 🪐
a woman with long red hair standing in front of a purple background and text that reads,