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a person with some pretty nail art on their nails and one is holding it in her hand
Hanako | ・ ❊ありがとうございました❊ #シャンパーニュフィオーレ #フラワーネイル #flowernails #ミラーネイル #マグネットネイル #アンティークネイル #hnailsフラワーネイル… | Instagram
a woman's hands with yellow and blue nail polishes on their nails,
Reusable Swirl Press On Luxury Press On Capybara Cute Animal Nails Oranges Fruit Nail Summer Nails Spring Nails Nail Ideas Nail Inspo
♥︎Luxury hand painted/ handmade press ons♥︎ ♥︎ Why Press Ons? - Made by professional nail art manicurist. - Convenient, easy to apply - Reusable - Waterproof - Durable - Stylish & Fun - No damage when removed correctly - Premium quality brands used on press ons such as Apres and Kiara sky gel ext. systems. ♥︎ We focus on a mix of high quality, elegant, whimsical and bold styles to keep up to the ever changing nail trends of the world. ♥︎ Comes with nail prep kit includes: - Full set of nai