"The Nature" This is My entry for the 2nd round. Where I've covered 3 basic elements of Nature i.e. Water, Soil and Fire. So does my design reflects Ocean, Earth and Fire.. If you like the idea so you are requested to Pin it and Like it :) Need Maximum Votes.. So Keep Voting and Keep Hennaing :)

"Parts" of the Pride! I chose to design something around the symbol of Pride and Honor – The Lion. The connection was based on a metaphorical ideology that in this technological world, India has made a stand and lived up to its reputation with Pride, Honor and Respect like king of Jungle. Hence, showing cogwheels in a lion was the reflection of representing India in a new outlook. The design was inspired by the book - “Part of Pride” by Kevin Richardson.

Dreams Untamed: Like Horses, dreams are meant to be wild and free. Like I've a dream to own a Wild Horse as a pet. And who wouldn't say? My Dream is Untamed! My entry for Round- 4 of #thebighennacontest. Do Vote... LIKE SHARE AND FOLLOW.

Oneness: Curled up, away from the boundaries that divide all, inside our Nature's womb, we all stand for Oneness. Oneness that defines our form and being. Oneness that is endangered by dogmatic, dividing beliefs. Let's retain our true nature. Our natural instinctual choice of being one with all. Do <3, pin it and follow me to experience Round 7 :)

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