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Confused me even more if I'm supposed to be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Can I be a mix? -Paige >>> Well I guess we know where I am. Slytherin, but all this time I thought I was Gryffindor


Not to mention three musicals, A THEME PARK and a ton of fanfics, fan-made spin-off videos, and virtual Hogwarts websites. Every child in our world will know his name, indeed.

I mean according to JK Rowling and her story behind Ilvermorny started that's quite possible, for Slytherin at least. ANd personally I like that Hufflepuff reps Wales because I'm a little bit of Welsh descent

What a coincidence. I love Scotland and I'm a Ravenclaw. A Scottish Rowena Ravenclaw. I can imagine that

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yuss

James- That's right! I got my first kiss today *Half smirk half grin* Pity all you missed it *Sirius and Remus grinning in the back* McGonagall looking murderous* "Lily- JAMES!