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Palpap gives different rich highlights like multilingual backing for broadly talked dialects of Indian territorial dialects, custom fields for school's novel information catch and capacity needs, custom reports for creating different custom reports and graphs, single tick influence seek on all modules and web, occasion notices through Email or SMS

Menu Master System helpful to prepare a menu for Hostel and Cateen inside the Campus. In this system hostel Master has three modules Menu master, Session Master, Session Menu Master. The Menu Master has User Interface so that the student can Select Menu ID, Group, Menu Name, Menu type (Veg/Non-Veg). The Token was generated for particular Student. Then Session master shows the Hostel name, Session Name, Existence time also generated

The HR division includes the following, worker histories, abilities, capacities, pay and their achievements. At the point when an association takes consideration to decrease the manual workload an association performs, they decide to supplant those methodologies with different levels of using the PAY PROCESS ERP Software. Every module performs a different capacity inside the PAY PROCESS ERP.

PALPAP – Inspro Plus ERP, especially for College management to maintain the student database in perfect manner. Using PALPAP Universal Student Report, Whole details of the student will be generated on single click. The Student Universal Report has following modules to analyze and view the student via Registration Details, Personal Details, Contact Details, Course Details, Column Order.

Palpap – Examination Management, Palpap ERP provide Common Subject Analysis module for Engineering College. Engineering Colleges The first academic year for every department students have common subjects. It’s very difficult to analyze that university Pass percentage In manual, but Palpap have solutions for that problem.To recover that Manual method Palpap Introduced Common Subject Analysis Module for Engineering College.

PALPAP Chairman Releases Exclusive ERP NewsLetter for Polytechnic Colleges  May 2015, Issue 1, Volume – 1.

This Process generates ESI Statement, PF Statement, Tax Statement and Gratuity as well as Salary Transfer of all Staff Members as per the Bank Format. This system also includes Automatic Leave Approval Updates based on the hierarchy of the Staff Member.

A little innovation, lots of technical orientation both getting involved and making the society to Update and Unpredictable one. A stage has been made for you to join with the lesser-special group and spread a few grins. It began as a modest effort to bring the latest updates to the Society.

PALPAP ERP PROFILE: PALPAP – Inspro Plus ERP Software Exclusively Designed for Educational institutes to automate their entire management work process.