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Health Infographics

Find here a range of health tips, advice and infographics from Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals (India) to help you reach your health goals and live well!
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Carrots aren't the only food that are good for your eyes. There are important nutrients available in other foods crucial for good eye health and prevention of eye diseases such as AMD, dry eyes, cataract and more. Shop for eye health supplements at #vision #eyes #health #vitamins #antioxidants #supplements


Mushrooms have long been celebrated as powerful vegetables providing many a health benefit. It is packed with essential nutrients such as Selenium, Vitamin D, Potassium and Niacin. Add mushrooms to your diet and enjoy the many positive impacts it has on your health. For more on great health, please visit


Lungs are one of the most important and constantly used organs in our body. Here are a few foods that helps assist its health and prevent lung related diseases. For more on great health, please visit


With a rising incidence of chronic disease in India; high cholesterol levels are a major concern for many. Cholesterol can be managed successfully by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. The following foods and consuming appropriate health supplements are important for those with high cholesterol. For more information please visit! #cholesterol #health #vitamins #supplements


Cataracts are a consequence of ageing but they can be prevented and delayed by consuming the right nutrients from food sources and health supplements. For the best quality health supplements for eye care, please visit! #vitamins #antioxidants #health #supplements #vision #eyes #nutrients #food


#Glaucoma & #Diabetic #Retinopathy are widespread in ageing adults and can potentially cause blindness.# Prevention is always the best cure; to this end Shrey Nutraceuticals have developed Alacoma which is a #health supplement targeting Glaucoma & Diabetic Retinopathy treatment as a co-therapy to allopathic medicine in a #natural, safe and effective manner. Learn more at


Sexual health and well-being is an important aspect of human life and nature has provided many nutrients to take care of it. Ayurveda provides a kaleidoscope of knowledge when it comes to boosting fertility, libido and more. Here are a few time tested ayurvedic herbs that improve reproductive health. Shop for related products on


Grapes‬ are delicious fruits‬ that can be consumed as a light snack and you can derive multiple ‪health‬ ‪‎benefits‬ from them. With the ‪‎New Year‬ approaching, make a ‪#‎resolution‬ to take better care of your health. Shop‬ for health ‪supplements‬ today at for Flat 20% Off + 1 Shrey’s Hand Sanitizer Free!


Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and is a growing concern for millions worldwide, especially in south east Asia. Here are some facts and tips on diabetes prevention/management. Shop for diabetes related health supplements at #diabetes #health #supplements #vitamins #antioxidants

Keep away pain, stiffness and inflammation with these nutrient packed foods. For more on bone & joint health, visit! #bones #joints #health #supplements #fruits #food #antioxidants #vitamins