Show Off by Dina Dargo. These are the colors my mom chose to use when decorating our home in the 60's

hand and foot finger painting | Pinkie for Pink: Kids Christmas Art Projects I just did this yesterday getting ready for something and it came out perfect with the exact colors!

Original Acrylic Art on the Canvas TITLE: Liberation DIMENSIONS: 11" X 14" inches Matte Finish. This is a Modern, Figurative, Contemporary, Original, Affordable, Beautiful, Unique piece and 100% hand painted by the Artist Mounika. Once you look at this painting, you can feel the energy of liberation, deep calmness, joy and happiness instantly, because of the serene color combinations used to paint the deep meditation of the Buddha

This is so pretty-lookin! I could do this for Christmas in the living room, and hang ornaments instead of butterflies... :D

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