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Types of fractions anchor chart

Types of fractions anchor chart? Maybe label the fraction chart "proper" fractions

10 Hands-On Strategies for Teaching Area and Perimeter

Use these fun and engaging hands-on activities to help your students fully understand the mathematical concepts of area and perimeter.

5 fun multiplication games for kids

Multiplication games give your children fun ways to practice and reinforce those tricky multiplication fact families. Here are five easy games you can play with your kids or they can play on their own. **War with Multiplication

Concept of "borrowing" hard to understand, teach math a new way. Fantastic math hack for teachers and students!

A cute trick to avoid regrouping and borrowing when subtracting something from a power of ten or multiple

This would be a great mini project to do in Spanish for the classes/schedules lesson! 1st day project getting to know each other

Neat idea for students to make to describe themselves/ their daily lives, and then use as plan/ map for writing activities! Plus other mind-map activities