Shya Knight🖤👽

Shya Knight🖤👽

Shya Knight🖤👽
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Reylo. I still think Anakin loved Padme. He was just so blinded and confused with despair he lost sight that he lost her by forsaking everything that was right in order to try to save her himself. His desire for power clouded his love until his son brought him back.

theforces-of-destiny: I know there is one like this already out there but I felt like it needed to be updated

Star Wars - Hayden Christensen. Oh my god...

Star Wars - Hayden Christensen // Duuuuude this is cool

Someone cares for far too long and in the end all you have to do is walk away knowing you tried you did everything you could and that is all that anyone can ever do in this life

Snuff - Slipknot Okay, so this is definitely after they sold out and isn't the good ol' Slipknot that made us all head bang til our ears about bled, however, Snuff was a good song. Just not really Slipknot-esque at all.

Deal With It.

Who the fuck cuts green day short for usher or even anyone? Like seriously, its green day.> For real though, I'd definitely rather see greenday over usher or Justin beaver (I know what I said)