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Ambient Ads: 25 of the Best You're Ever Going to See - Cube Breaker

Advertisers are increasingly looking for more and more ways to get their products in front of us. It seems these days they are stuck in every nook and cranny possible to make sure they get noticed. And with more traditional ad types such as commercials or magazine inserts becoming increasingly ignored, the creativity necessary to …

lego repairing walls

Lego Dispatchwork

Got a hole in your wall? Why fill it with plaster when you can fill it with Legos! Because come on, plaster is soooooo last season! Dispatchwork Berlin Artist Jan Vormann has been using Legos to pa…

the mouse...great cover up for that hole in your wall!


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Urban Intervention by Werner Reiterer More

Aesthetic communication in urban areas and internet today

In urban areas, as on the Internet, there is a concentration of energy, kinetics, and information. This acts as a catalyst and thereby promote

"Bodies in Urban Spaces by the Cie Willi Dorner is a temporarily intervention in diversified urban architectonical environment. The intention of Bodies in Urban Spaces is to point out the urban functional structure and to uncover the restricted movement possibilities and behaviour as well as rules and limitations. By placing the bodies in selected spots the interventions provoke a thinking process and produce irritation."

Bodies in urban spaces

Bodies in urban spaces by the Cie Willi Dorner is a temporarily intervention in diversified urban architectonical environment. The intention of Bodies in urban

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Urban Diversion: Playful Street Art Interventions on the Streets of France by OakOak

Street artist OakOak (previously) continues to bring smiles and double-takes to his hometown of St. Etienne, France, an old industrial town with drab facades and cracked sidewalks ripe for his unique brand of visual jokes. He shares his love for superheroes, the Simpsons, Bruce Lee, and other pop cu

Concrete walls and flooring: Parisian restaurant Anahi is known to use kintsugi art on its walls.

Beautiful Imperfection: How to Use Kintsugi Art in Your Home

Imperfection is beauty, Marilyn used to say. Instead of throwing away broken things and remodeling the whole room when some tiles are broken or the floor is cracked, how about we fix that crack accentuating it and transforming it into something beautiful?

funny street art 10

131 Funny Vandalism Examples That Are The Perfect Proof Street Vandalism Can Be Art Too

Do you know what happens when vandalism meets art? No, you don't. Neither did we until we saw these funny

Yellow Submarine

Clever street art that interacts with the city and surrounding landscape

French street artist, OakOak – featured previously – has unveiled some of his latest works where he invades the city streets, or even the surrounding countryside, to make best use of what's already there...