Beautiful girl with gorgeous soul. I still can't belive such beautiful soul does this world really owns.

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Tried to edit to make mahself dp handsome. Me too a fake soul. Trying to change d reflection. Finding mahself.

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D trippy noon shakky n buzy rolling hands. BT can click better without d foggy cloud. Boom shankar.

Ganpati bappa moriya. Visualized big bad phone camera. Will work hard. To click better.

Ganpati bappa moriya

Ganpati bappa moriya

Shree Ganesh....

Lonely guy found lovely friend on a lonely gorai beach. That day I learned never say u r alone u can roll a friend any where in a world

Childhood which I missed found with him. What an energy mah night trip bt with sun light. Love parties which funs till light..

Was alone din care to take selfie stick. Who says it's had to find friend

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