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How business planning and budgeting actually works

A weekly marketing cartoon by Tom Fishburne since If a picture tells a thousand words, a marketoon tells a thousand boring powerpoint slides.


lea - 16 - It’s time to start focusing on yourself. Become selfish, concentrate on your life. If someone doesn’t want to be a part of it, it’s their fault, not yours. You live for yourself, not for them. And that’s ok!

Do you deserve to take up space in the world? #Introspect #InspiredArt

Do you deserve to take up space in the world?


what worries you masters you- so true and a very thought-provoking statement. I only want to serve one Master. Don't let my worries master me. Let Go and Let God, as my mother used to say!

Don't be a Bore!

My mom has said this thousands of times in my life. Whenever i say "I'm bored" she replies with "only boring people get bored" and im just realizing how true that is. When you keep busy, keep not boring, you don't get bored.