Smexy Chats

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two texts that say, i have feelings for u and really why? what's wrong with you?
When someone likes me - Relationship
the text reads, you've got that pretty little mouth on your face before i lock it
a text message that reads, haha you dirty minded cutie
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the text reads, let my tongue explain how bad i crave you
34+ Bad Neighbors Texts That Must Be Seen To Be Believed
a text message that reads, should you be sleeping? in your bed with you? yes
the text reads, come on, a few kisses will not ruin our friendship
a text message that reads, you looked so good on top of me i couldn't take my eyes off you
two texts that say, i miss your face and come kiss it or sit on it or both
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two texts that say, not in a rude way and shut up, during the day
two texts that say, what's u thinking about you always