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three white vases with colorful flowers in front of a black background and an art work on the wall
Seasons Come, Seasons Go
Like a tree enduring all the seasons of the year, endure all the seasons of your life. Each season of the year has a beauty of its own, likewise each season of your life can bring its unique beautiful experiences. Don’t be afraid of new beginnings, embrace it, endure it and experience it with an open heart.
there is a painting on the wall next to a window with a red ball hanging from it
Fabric of our Society
It is something that binds all of us in this together. Every thread, every weave, every pattern representing the interrelationships existing in our society. Our shared goals of happiness, health and prosperity uniting us all. Our companionship in the heart of it all.
a painting hanging on the wall next to a brick wall
Passage of Time
TIME—we try to save it, kill it, rob it, get robbed of it, take it for granted. It is the one thing man has no power over. Relentless and always slipping from our hands. So, in this passage of time live in the present and treasure it. As Buddha said, “the trouble is you think you have time.”