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Caricatures from Photos of Celebrities

A collection of Caricatures from Photos of Celebrities - caricatures from photos are great gifts to give your friends and make terrific avatars for social media sites. Cartoons and humour, humor
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Caricature from photo of British Disc Jockey Tony Blackburn. He thought it was "fantaberoony"!

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Caricature from photo of BBC Business correspondent Robert Peston for my forthcoming book TwitterCelebCarix. Caricatures from photos make great gifts for friends and family and are terrific avatars for all your social media sites!

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Caricature from photo of journalist Mary Ann Sieghart for TwitterCelebCarix

GABY ROSLIN told me on Twitter that she had lost the first ever caricature I had drawn of her at a party some years ago. So I produced this quick cartoon avatar

ARLENE PHILLIPS, the TV dance choreographer and Strictly Come Dancing judge, and I first crossed paths in the rehearsal room at Elstree TV studios back in the mid-Eighties.

THIS CARICATURE of Helen Lederer, the comedian, actor and writer was produced and sent to her on Twitter where we had been having a conversation sparked off by a previous caricature of Caitlin Moran @Caitlin O'Donnell.

FRAMED CARICATURES stay on people’s walls as a permanent reminder of the event at twhich they were produced or the event that they commemorate.

The day the caricaturist in London met actor, comedian and writer Emma Thompson!

Caricature from photo of TV presenter Penny Smith. Caricatures and Cartoons by the Caricaturist in London, Simon Ellinas