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AN INTERESTING recent caricatures from photos gift was commissioned to celebrate a couple’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. Asked to faithfully reproduce, in ink, two photos of the couple from bot 1965 and 2015, I was aware that this was not the standard caricature job but more of an ink illustration.




Surprise someone with a Caricature of themselves - just send me a photo of them!


Caricatures From Photos,Comic Book


CARICATURES FROM PHOTOS can be virtually instant these days with email. You can EMAIL ME the photos of your choice, whetherthey are for yourself or as a gift for someone else, and I can email you back the caricature at a resolution of 150dpi with is fine for printing out or for using as a unique profile pic or social media avatar.

NOTHING COULD BE more unique and memorable than a professional-drawn caricature from photo! Not only will your friend or business colleague be flattered that you took so much care and trouble but they will always be able to keep the memento of your friendship and generosity forever afterwards.

Like the old adage about acting, cartoonists are very wary of drawing animals and babies. There is an extreme likelihood that the caricature will upset the nearest and dearest who see their little human bundle through chocolate box-tinted spectacles.

Caricature roughs from photos - the essential initial stage for any finished caricature from photo commission. The roughs are emailed to client for approval

PORTRAITS FROM PHOTOS are the serious alternative to caricatures from photos. They take longer to do and aim to result in a faithful rendition of the person from the photos supplied.

A MAINSTAY OF any professional caricaturist’s working life, the group caricature as a leaving present can offer a variety of challenges.