Pure Lighting - Truline 1.6, 24VDC Plaster-In LED System

Pure Lighting - Truline Plaster-In LED System. Interesting variation on our ceiling light.

2013 cooper source awards

Office Space Design the reception area in the Cole Capital office building combines geometrically placed Neo-Ray linear fluorescent fixtures.

TruLine .5A Plaster-In LED System 2.5W 24VDC by Pure Lighting |

TruLine .5A Plaster-In LED System 2.5W 24VDC

Today, we are presenting you an excellent collection of Astonishing LED Lights Solutions That Will Enlighten Your Interior.

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GuitDoorbell Guitar Doorbell Music for Your Door - All Natural Wood Finish - SkyMall

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really interesting concept

Beiersdorf offices in Athens,Greece, with led stripes incorporated into the concrete floor and drywall creating the effect of natural light entering through cuts on the wall - design and implementation by the Love.

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31 Epic Gypsum Ceiling Designs For Your Home - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.

Light corridor

wall and concrete ceiling - breakthrough the concrete to insert lightning stripe - gives rythme elegance to the corridor // apartments and townhouses 46 by Atelier Zafari Architecture

me gusta el ddiseño da una sensacion super relajada / tabla roca

Like this floor and ceiling lighting rather than the standard downlights. A unique way to control lighting, and again makes this space feel more like a room in a home than a try-hard cinema.

Living Room [736x1036]

Living Room [736x1036]