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Exotic bath fittings from Germany, aromatic soaps from Thailand, luxurious marble from Italy.......Nothing can beat this country bath.

'STD Booths’ as they were popularly known - allowed people to place long distance calls to friends, family and relatives. Today, a mobile phone makes it very handy to make calls - but nothing beats the excitement of "standing in a queue - waiting for our turn - counting the seconds pulse".

"Chepalu Pattatam" or fishing was very popular in villages. Kids and village folk used to gather near lakes and streams to catch fish. Fish is usually hard to come by, and only tiny fish is usually caught, which is then cooked as fish curry. Yummy! It was a great experience, and needs to be cherished.

"Cinema Bandi" is a typical rickshaw used in villages for promoting an upcoming or current movie. A rickshaw wala cycles around the village announcing about the film, cast and theatre. "Nede choodandi babu" is a usual telugu phrase which is uttered by him frequently, and is also used on the Posters.

Sand Temples are fun to build Kids build all sorts of things with sand on riversides, lakesides and the seashore. With plenty of sand around, they carefully built structure like mini temples (with a small god idol inside). This provided for hours of simple fun, which even many parks will not able to match. Let your kids try it out the next time you're out at the sands.

Ice Bandi and Pulla Ice "Pulla Ice" (or Paddle Pop as it's trendily called today) was a colorful 'ice on stick' treat that was famous in the older days. On hearing the famous "Ice Ice Pulla Ice" shout from the Ice wallah, kids used to throng the "Ice Bandi" (pull cart) for an Ice. And it cost just 5 paise!

Apart from Spiderman, superman, batman - there was another great man who is known as postman. He used to act as a messenger in between families, friends and relatives. Whether it’s money or mail, he was responsible for its safe delivery. Ringing the cycle bell, he used to shout before each house and people used to run after him to search for their letters (or for that money order). And that excitement and anxiousness while opening mail was an unforgettable experience and is simply…

Learning Bicycle Many of us hardly remember our first ride: The humble bicycle. You never got a bicycle of your own that was your size, and so you went ahead and tried the big ones. “Pakka Thokkudu” or 'cycling from the side’ was a common sight. Did it offer the thrills? Of course, it was great fun!

One of the most memorable ads from those days - the mere tagline ‘I love you Rasna’ and jingle made you wanna rush to a nearby shop .

Sugarcane in the fields! Remember those days when you’ve been in the sugar cane fields and had your heart’s fill of sugar cane? While traveling the countryside, we often come across these fields and remember those good old days. The next time, break the journey and take a trip down memory lane!