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Adoption can be a sensitive topic for parents as well as kids. But some celebrities have been brave enough to accept that they were adopted kids. Their claim to fame may be in varied spheres, but one common thread that brings these celebrities together is the fact that they were all adopted kids, who excelled in their profession. Did you know that Bollywood’s yesteryear superstar, the late Rajesh Khanna and the late Steve Jobs were adopted? Here are seven famous celebrities who were ...

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Having butterflies in your tummy a couple of days before your first date is something each one of us experience. You're worried about what to wear, which shoes to match your outfit, and even picking the right accessories! But there's one extremely important thing all of us tend to skip. “How do I want to do my make up?” is one question that we forget to ask ourselves before going out with the hot guy.

Almond, known as the king of nuts, is a highly nutritious food. It is rich in almost all the nutrients needed by the body. It is a good source of dietary fibre, heart­-healthy monounsaturated fat, high­ quality protein, vitamin E and magnesium and other minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

It’s nice to be nice, therefore we bring you ways to allow your kids to open their hearts and share the love. In this story, we have featured India’s very first hospice for kids. We tell you what this hospice does and what you, along with your child, can do to help them. Get them to volunteer or share a chunk of their pocket money to lend support and care.

The director strikes a fine balance between humour and emotion in this slice-of-marriage story. The first half takes a while to catch up, but the dialogues (Arshad Sayed) provide ample laughs, while giving wisdom for wedded bliss. Single or married, this film will have more of a 'special effect' than 'side effect' on you.

Valentine’s Day is just three days away. Do you have your plans in place? With all the hype that surrounds this day of love, if you’re a couple with no plans you will definitely want to check out this list of where to have a cozy meal for an awesome twosome. So here’s bringing to you what your city has to offer to celebrate this day of love in style. Don't Miss: Valentine Day Special: Foods That'll Set the Right Mood Image courtesy:©Thinkstockphotos/ Getty ...

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Let's admit that to feel confident in your own skin is easier said than done! And for 23-year-old Harnaam Kaur it has been a battle for the past seven years. The Sikh girl, who was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at the age of 11, would lock herself in her room as she had started growing facial hair due to the condition. To keep up with the other girls in her school, Harnaam tried waxing, shaving and even bleaching. When nothing worked, she decided to sport her beard ...

This video does not feature any special woman, because she is just a mother who could be anyone of us. But here’s the thing, it makes you wonder who is stronger - the woman in you or the mother in you. It reiterates the fact that if you are determined, you can battle even life. It will leave you speechless and you will probably wipe off a few tears as it will make you soak in the beauty of being the woman that you are.

Our TV actresses are mostly seen flaunting tacky saris or salwar kameez and portraying stereotype roles. But if you were to find them off screen, you'd agree they are equally gorgeous like our Bollywood stars. Therefore, their on-screen presence has very little to do with their real-life persona. Here are some pretty faces from Indian television that we are rooting for.Don't Miss: Top 10 Secret TV Celebrity WeddingsImage courtesy: BCCL