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It is a common problem for them to leak but more common on the aluminium types because the back plates fail under pressure which causes complete loss of power steering making it go heavy and loss of power steering hydraulic oil.


The Sanden PXE16 air conditioning compressor is a direct replacement for the factory unit on all Volkswagen Golfs Mk5. The factory units have a manufacturing defect (lack of lubrication) which thus leads to metal fatigue, causing the shafts to break inside and small particles of metal to block up the control valve and contaminate the entire air conditioning system

A common failure on the Toyota Hilux Surf & Landcruisers is that the bushes become worn over time as with many 4×4’s. The problem is that you can’t buy these bushes anywhere and 99% of the time you’d have to approach a main dealer who will charge in excess of £1000 for a new power steering rack – Just because the bushes are worn?!