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a man kissing a goldfish in the water with his face close to it's mouth
I Want To Leave Is Pretty Much The Weirdest Instagram Account, And Here Are 50 Pictures To Prove It (New Pics)
a black and white cat sitting in a bathroom sink next to a faucet
drew's grooveland
Oh, Hello...Please Make Yourself Comfortable
a black and white photo of a cat sitting on top of a rock
Mascot – U.S.S. Custodian
an old photo of a cat with a party hat on it's head sitting on a stool
empthy paths and cosmic landscapes
an old photo of a cat sitting on top of a wooden table with the caption prize cat
eBay April 2012, London – Prize Cat 1872 – 19 pounds – written on back: This gentleman has the “first prize” twice at the C. Palace. Once for weight, & once for (?) good looks and excellencies. He belongs to a person who had a refreshment shop for museum-ites.”
two cats wearing hats and standing next to each other
a cat sitting on top of a wooden barrel next to two glasses and a bottle
The Old Batchelor, ca. 1865
a painting of three people holding a cat
Good News, We Found a Bunch of Old Paintings Where People Are Spoon Feeding Cats Like Babies