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a poem written in black ink with the words i will leave such an imprint on your heart that anyone you entertain after me will have to know
aes : connellmarianne | normal people by sally rooney ; connell waldron + marianne sheridan | ♡
a quote that says i cannot't make you understand
Quote | Authors | Franz Kafka | Too relatable
a quote that reads, i do not desire medicore love i want to drown in someone
a quote that reads remove the i want you to like me sticker from your forehead and place it on the mirror, where it belongs susan jeff
a quote that says i wait every year for summer and it is usually good, but it is never as good as that summer i am always waiting for
a quote that reads before you die, experience the love of a writer, pet or painter
dark academia literature quotes
blue is a mysterious color, hue of lines and nobility the rarest color in nature
a poem written in black and white with the words, i am afraid that if open my
two texts that are on the same page, one has an orange and the other is black
an image of a woman's response to the question on her twitter account that she is asking
evelyn waugh
Anya, Little Memes, Dear, Happy Words