HYDERABADI CHICKEN BIRYANI RECIPE Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani (#LC14056): It is a flavourful Indian rice recipe cooked with chicken and spices in one pot.
rava dhokla
Kala jamun recipe- A very easy Indian sweet recipe/mithai recipe,double fried gulab jamuns with delicious pistachio flavored surprise inside. Easy dessert after a hearty meal!
Homemade Granola Bars--Makes 45 granola bars! Wow! :-) I love how cost-effective this is!
Sambar powder recipe Prep Time: 30 mins    |  Processing time: 15 mins    |  Can be used for: 6 months Red chillies (long red variety)	1/4 kg Coriander seeds (Dhaniya)	1/2 kg Turmeric (long variety, we call it as virali manjal) You can use powder too.	50 gm Channa dal	50 gm Toor dal	100 gm Pepper (black,whole)	50 gm Jeera	25 gm Fenugreek seeds (vendhayam)	50 gm Mustard (roasted) Optional	1 tblsp Rice (raw rice) Optional	1 tbslp
A quick and tasty way to kick-start your child's brain in the morning is to give him or her OATS! How about Instant Oats Idli with coconut chutney?
Onion Rava Dosa Recipe: Indian rice and lentil crepes. By Rak's Kitchen. #vegetarian
Homemade Fruit Chews; only fresh fruit juice and unflavored gelatin.
Enjoy the healthy and delicious bharwan baingan Recipe that is stuffed with medley of spices, lentils and peanuts. Now this is what I call comfort food – surprisingly easy to make vegan and a gluten free recipe!
How to make Apple Jam | Homemade  Apple Jam Recipe without  pectin | Easy home made Apple Jam Recipe with images of each step     Today ...

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oats dosa recipe – quick, crisp and instant dosa made with oats. no fermentation required.  #oats #dosa
Vegetable Cutlet - A quick, easy and delicious Indian snack made from potatoes and other veggies.  Crispy on the inside, soft and delicious on the inside. Probably the easiest way to have your family eat their veggies.
Flapjacks - Quick & Easy Recipes
Strawberry Cream Gummies #gelatin #healthysnacks
Yummy- 15 Amazing Chocolate Truffle Recipes!   Complete recipes on tipjunkie.com
Homemade Gummy Bears made with Fresh Fruit and Natural Sugars. Just 4 ingredients and a healthy treat for your family
Here's a healthy gummy bear recipe that uses just fruit, honey, gelatin, and love. A tasty take on the classic (but kinda junky) kid's candy.
sabudana thalipeeth (sago pearls savoury pancake w/ tamarind relish) #vegetarian #indian
Super easy and super delicious.
Cielaviņa/Wagtail - Latvian cake. BISCUITS Hazelnuts(roasted in 375 oven for 10 min.):1cup;Powder Sugar:2cups;Egg Whites:6;Flour:5 ¼tbsp Oven t*:320F, then lower to 230F, bake for 1 hour, leave in the oven overnight. Size of circles:10.2inches  CREAM Egg Yolks:6; Sugar:3tbsp;Water:1/4 cup; Butter: 1 ¾ cups =3½sticks; Cocoa: 4tbsp Condensed Milk: about 1/2< cups  SIDES+TOPPING Dark Chocolate: 100-200g Heavy Cream: 3/4cups Hazelnuts (roast):3/4cup Chocolate Cookies (crushed):1cup