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an image of a satellite view of the tropical storm system, with two different types of clouds
Hurricanes all Around
a blurry image of a person flying through the air with colored lights in the background
What's inside. What we are. A being of light. Projected into this reality to wear an ego and experience a life. #spiritual #spirituality
the cd is being held by a plastic holder
Muji MD74
a hand is touching an old tv with the eye on it's monitor screen
Can’t Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World
an image of a person in a car flying through the air with a large object above them
the silhouette of an angel standing in front of a screen with red flowers on it
🍷Check Out my youtube video of Burgundy Colors Aesthetic & show support!🥰
an image of the inside of a human eye with words describing what it looks like
an eye with blue and red paint on it's iris, as seen from above
an eye is shown with blue and red eyeshades on the iris's left side
a house on fire with flames coming from it
Pixel Sort - Various 2014