Looks good for showing water moving through plants

Easy experiment shows how water moves through plants. WAY cooler than the typical white carnations or celery!

Amazing back garden playground

A Colorful & Inspired Backyard Playground

Amazing outdoor play space for kids- use it for inspiration, love the painted tree slices as stepping "stones"!

Tire Garden

gardens-tire-planters Finally a use for old tires. Someone was resourceful. It would even be cute to use painted tires for when you plant potatoes! IF you plant potatoes LOL

Outdoor mark making area

plant pots would be good for storing stones, bark, sticks, shells etc outdoors as they have drainage so wouldn't matter when it rains

Kid's indoor garden. What a fun eco-friendly activity for preschooler and school age children!  by habitable.jp

Really cute- Children's plant / garden workbench. This teaches so many concepts. Not sure I'd want it inside, but what a great outdoor activity for kids of ALL ages (well, maybe not during the eating dirt stage!