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Skin Space Clinic

Skin Space Clinic provides double chin and cellulite treatment, earlobe repair, electroporation, excessive perspiration, aser photo facial, prp hair and skin, skinspace clinic and acne
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LEUCODERMA: Leucoderma is a Latin word which truly means ‘white skin.

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WART MOLES AND SKIN TAG REMOVAL: Your skin may well be the most paramount organ of your physique to you, in light of the fact that it is the thing that other individuals see and likely judge you by.

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SKIN ALLERGIES: When we discuss allergies, we are discussing any response you may have to sustenance or substance that is generally innocuous.

PSORIASIS: Individuals regularly discuss the diverse treatments utilized against psoriasis. However, unfortunately whatever may have worked for one individual won’t essentially work for an alternate.

SKIN CARE FOR CHILDREN Natural child skin care is created out of things that come straight from the earth, for example, plants and oils.

ACNE / PIMPLES AND PIMPLE MARKS While pimples/ acne issues plague teens for most of their teenage, the alarming news now is that even many adults are prone to getting the same.

CARE FOR OILY AND DRY SKIN. You will find that there are numerous methodologies to skin care for each kind of skin.

DR.PRAJAKTA TALATHI Highly Qualified, Skillful and Honest Skin Care Professional

DR.ABHAY TALATHI Patient focused Facial Aesthetics Specialist & Hair Specialist