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Unit 23- Light and Shade- Inspiration

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I am going to photograph light and shade images of people, nature and small objects, it will become more clear as this board is completed.

This photo is in the style Chiaroscuro, using light and shade. I like this photo because it looks like a secret passage way to a mystical place such as Narnia or Terrebithia. This photo was created using a black and white filter.

This photo was created by a person trying to achieve the same look as Chiaroscuro's photos, which uses Light and Shade. I like that we can see the light shine through the leaves in the trees. This photo was created when the sun is rising in the morning through a set of trees to create such a look.

This photo is in the style of Chiaroscuro using light and shade. I like how we are unable to see the man's face clearly but we can see his hand and hat, which creates a sense of mystery while looking at the photo. The photo has been created by placing the light source above the man looking downwards on him, to cover his face.

This photo is in the style of Chiaroscuro's work, and is Light and Shade. I like that it represents that the couples past may have been dark but their future together is bright and happy. The image was created using a dark, unlit tunnel with a bright light at the other side, to create the shade around the couple.

This photo was created in the style of Chiaroscuro and is using Light and Shade. I like that the photo shows that even though the balls aren't touching physically, they're touching mentally through their shadows. The photo was created by having two balls next to each other and placing a light source behind them to create the shade. I also like how the balls can represent people or even soulmates, how even when they aren't close but they were placed in a specific place to connect with each…