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an assortment of fake trees and plants in a display case
an assortment of plants and rocks in a container
an aquarium filled with lots of different types of animals
IKEA detolf mouse enclosure/cage
a wooden box filled with lots of plants and other things on top of the floor
Pawhut Hamster Enclosure
a person holding a small rodent in their hand
Natal Multimammate Mouse (Mastomys natalensis)
two gerbils sitting on top of a metal shelf
an assortment of flowers and plants on display in a box with magnets attached to it
Hamster Enclosure Details
a pile of wood that has been dug into the ground with plants growing out of it
Hamster Cage - Natural Set up
many different types of flowers and plants in vases
Hamster Enclosure Details
an outdoor garden is shown with plants and rocks in the center, including flowers and other things
Pawhut Hamster Enclosure