Folding Workshop- “shop-in-a-box” combines a full-featured worksurface
und es gibt doch auch schöne Klorollenhalter - gesehen auf Dawanda
Wood "river" mirror
Cast Aluminum and Wood Furniture - Artist Hilla Shamia creates her cast aluminum and wood furnishings through a process that involves pouring molten aluminum directly onto the wood, letting it burn and seep deep into the woodgrain, creating a fresh look that blends the natural and the industrial. |
Want this too. Clever storage - this also makes getting to any repairs very easy. Great idea!
Treibholz Elke Paus...instead of one light..interchange multiple lights then either stand or overhang the design
River Mirrors — Caryn Moberly | "Each River Mirror is created by British artist and designer Caryn Moberly from beautiful pieces of burred elm. The mirrors resemble water flowing between the natural banks of a river. Caryn uses the natural undulating shape of the tree to form the river banks, and so no two mirrors are the same."
DIY Eettafel met steigerhout en metalen lerberg schragen van ikea

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Slab Storage
Mesa tronco hueco  Un  tabla  rasa  Genius!!   DIY  project.  Impressive!!!!
Voor mensen met niet al te veel boeken een mooie kast. Mooi dat de oorspronkelijke vorm van de boom behouden is gebleven.
I MUST HAVE THIS TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! River Topography Created within Wood and Glass Tables by Greg Klassen
Near the table was a sign with the following words written by Kim Hoelting, the founder of Live Edge:  Imagine being alive for a thousand years.  Think of the storms, droughts, and brilliant sunny days.  Now imagine dying but remaining vertical for another two centuries, with life swirling around you.  Then one day you topple over but your body remains visible on the forest floor for many more centuries nourishing your offspring.  This is the story of cedar, our totem species.
Tree branch bookshelf
Recycled tree trunks!
Zum Verkauf steht hier ein absolutes Unikat aus dem Hause **KonzeptFrei**. Dieses WC-Set wurde in Handarbeit von uns hergestellt.  -Recyceltes Holz aus altem Fachwerkhaus (geschliffen, mehrfach...
poured liquid metal wood table - Google Search
Regale selber zusammenstellen - tolle Beispiele und pfiffige Ideen