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The festive season means lots of entertaining and playing the perfect host. Aside from cooking up some lip smacking festive delights and putting together a fashionable outfit, taking care of your skin and make up goes a long way in make a good impression on your family. Here’s how you can pull it off with panache with some simple tips on getting yourself to gear up for Diwali.

5 Ways to Dazzle Your In-Laws

Piping hot Gajar ka Halwa made in pure ghee and garnished with a dollop of cream is a delightful sight. But, do you know what this calorie-rich dish does to your ticker? Well, it's a sure sign of trouble. To steer clear from heart diseases, without compromising on the basic pleasure of taste is essential. Worry not, we've got your back! On World Heart Day, celebrated on September 29, we bring you 10 delicious, heart-healthy recipes to fine tune your diet and eat a nutritious yet tasty ...

10 Heart-Healthy Recipes for the Diet-Conscious Soul

Each place that we visit has its own special beauty which we would love to capture right away. Travel photography is all about that. It’s one job, which demands creativity with tons of exploration. Travel photographers create lasting images and show us places which we might not have discovered yet. It is an interesting career, which lets you travel the world and walk the untrodden path. However, like every other profession, this isn’t an easy task. It requires passion, enthusiasm and hard…

Career Tips: 10 Secrets Every Travel Photographer Should Know

My true advice to any parent who wants to go through parenthood and remain sane is to laugh things off and have a good sense of humour. There are times that you question and want to just ask your toddler - Why?

Mommy Qs for Kids: Why Do You Wake Up Early on Weekends?