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batch of beads using various materials, Tyvek, sweetie wrappers, plastic bags, metallic fabrics that melted to a plastic texture and chiffons which distorted, wrapped in Madeira metallic thread

Holding the Iron in One spot: The Melted Mess

melting plastic into fabric - Google Search

"Joggles" website on mixed media art-Tutorial video on melting Tyvek

Kim's Hot Textiles: I love Tyvek textures!!

melting plastic into fabric - Google Search

Kim's Hot Textiles: Extreme Surfaces for Stitch - West Dean College July 17 - 20

This bead was made by wrapping a strip of silver plastic bag up with a strip of red synthetic fabric and then melting them with a hot air gun.

Melting fabric, Susan Lenz

heating lots of materials like tyvek, ice-cream wrappers or lutradur