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Make eyes pop at this piece! This will literally be the center of attraction!

Kapoor 22w Glossy Chandelier

When you want to go super lavish!


Ivanka Lumiere Chandelier

This is for you if you love minimalist pieces!


LeArc Designer Lighting Modern Chandelier CH167

Love music? Here's one for you!

Avenue48 Trumpet Brass Chandelier - 10W

Art on a Chandelier! Can you beat this?

Avenue48 5 Bottle Crystal Silver Chadelier - 10W

Pretty and Imperial!

Aesthetichs White And Gold Aluminium Portuguese Style Antique Golden Chandelier With 17 Lamps

A touch of imperial class and aura!

Light & Living Grey Classic Chandelier

If bling is your thing then these crystals are calling out to you!


Light & Living Classic Brass Chandelier

If you're not into huge hanging chandeliers then this is perfect!


Light & Living Classic Grey Chandelier

Make your home chic and modern with this one!

Ivanka Lumiere Chandelier