pendent and pearl earings

Gold Temple Jewellery Sets by Designer Manjula Rao. She is a Jewellery Designer Gemologist and Manufacturer. Her jewellery is made of diamonds, precious stones and 22 carat gold.

Jewellery Designs: Four Layers Heavy Pearl Necklace

Four Layers Heavy Pearl Necklace

Small round south sea pearls bridal necklace in four layers. Nice kundan work cz clasps placed broad and heavy necklace with three ste.

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Gold Pearl Diamond Necklace Designs With Price. Gold Necklace Designs With Pearls and Diamonds.

Gold Pearl Diamond Necklace With Price

Modern design stylish necklace with large emeralds encased in black polish real diamonds and polki flowers teamed with pearls strings on top and bottom

emerald pearl beads nakshi peacock pendant

Nakshi Pendant with Rosecut Diamonds

Peacock Design Emeralds Mango Mala

Peacock Design Emeralds Mango Mala


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emerald and pearl beads necklace with diamond pendant

Beads necklace, emerald pearls beads necklace with nakshi pendant, peacock design antique gold nakshi pendant with polki rose cut diamonds prathibha