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the book is written in english and has an image of animals, plants, and other things
Hindi varnamala (Augmented Reality Book)
Hindi varnamala Augmented Reality Book is revolutionizing education for children by introducing interactive language learning. With this Indian first smart book, children discover the power of augmented reality as they learn swar and vyanjan and encounter 3 and 4-letter words in Hindi. The book provides a comprehensive exploration of Hindi swar and the entire Varnamala, and it makes learning engaging and effective with a picture dictionary that reinforces the sounds of swar .
a poster with numbers and an image of a monkey on the front, one is for counting
Counting with Ozzy (Number Learning Book)
Counting with Ozzy. This ultimate kids' number learning book delivers an enthralling, interactive experience that makes learning numbers a blast for children of all ages. Essential Features: Fun, Didactic Counting Activities: Counting with Ozzy is filled with entertaining and instructional counting exercises that will keep kids captivated while they improve fundamental counting competencies.
a book cover with an image of a cat and butterflies on it, the title says start
My ABC Book (Alphabet Learning Book)
My ABC Book - India's First Augmented Reality-Based Alphabet Learning Books for Aged 2 to 4. Unlock learning's promise with StartAR- My ABC Book, the ultimate alphabet book featuring pictures crafted to make early education an engaging experience for young minds. Our interactive book leverages augmented reality technology to make ABCs come alive! Key Features: Engaging Alphabet Learning: Witness your kids learning the ABCs with captivating pictures for a unique and interactive experience.
the board game is in its box and ready to be used as a card game
Food Whiz, Activity Games, Fun Learning Games for Kids
The Clever Cubes Food Whiz is a fun learning game perfect for children aged 4 to 7! With 10 food cards and 60 ingredient cards, it helps kids to discover and learn the ingredients of their daily food items, and improves their categorization and sorting skills. Bring out the master chef in your little one with this educational and interactive game - perfect for gifts!
the learning through play poster with instructions on how to use it
DIY Microscope
As they build the kit, children will also learn about the concepts of lenses and refraction. Each toy undergoes months of extensive research and testing before launch, ensuring that it is safe, high-quality, and educational. The toys are carefully crafted by a team of toy designers and tested by children, parents, and STEM experts. It is build-from-scratch toys to encourage children to experience the joy and confidence of creating their own projects.
the numbers board and matching game are on display
100 Numbers Board Teaching Aid
The 100 numbers board is an educational tool designed to help children learn numbers from 1 to 100. The board typically has a grid of 10 rows and 10 columns, with each square containing a number from 1 to 100.
four bags with animals and fruits on them
Baby Cloth Book Set For Early Learning | Bedtime Baby Cloth Book
Animals, fruits, flowers and birds and are washable.It attracts the baby's attention as it’s made of polyester fiber with cotton inside which is soft.The size of the book is adequate and the weight is very light to play with.It can stimulate important key skills, such as reading, communication, imagination, and sensory.It teaches your babies different feelings through these bright colors and soft pictures.Engineered specifically with strong stitching to withstand all of the pullings, and biting.
the children's sticker coloring book with numbers and pictures on it, including ducks
1-20 Sticker Colouring Book
"This fun sticker and colouring activity book includes traceable numbers, pictures and simple sums - the perfect way to reinforce children's understanding of numbers whilst having fun along the way. 1-20 Sticker Colouring Book is a great tool for child to develop early pencil skills. Includes 32 colourful stickers!
a blue and yellow toy with a drawing on it
Dinosaur LCD Drawing Pad (Doodle Board)
The LCD writing tablet is the perfect tool for your little artist and writer. This educational learning toy is designed to allow kids to express their creativity freely by drawing and writing. Kids are always curious and their imagination knows no bounds, with this drawing tablet they can record and share their artwork with you, making it a great tool for parent-child interaction. The tablet is also a great way to avoid messy art sessions that can leave marks on furniture or clothes.
the learning kit for children with an open book
Playgroup Learning Kit with Free Mobile App
With Visual, & Hands-On Play - Activate Your child’s Fine Motor, Cognitive Skills, & And unleash their inner genius.Colorful worksheets and self-learning Stimulate Your child’s natural photographic memory resulting in better learning retention.
an abacusk with many different colors and numbers on it's sides, in front of a white background
123 Abacus - Educational Game
1,2,3.. Abacus is an early childhood educational aid. It has a sturdy beech wood frame. This 1-10 counting frame has wooden lacware beads coloured in natural dyes and elastic thread is used to string the beads. A time tested universal educational aid that helps children learn counting from one to ten.
a toy with numbers on it next to a puzzle
(Alphabet & Number) Interlock Play Mat for Toddlers Crawling Tile (Pack of 36 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles)
Fascinating age appropriate toys which enhances child’s imagination and focuses on making kids artistic, experiential and smart. Set of 36 Pcs: This Item comes with 36 Pcs in different attractive color with Interlock able mat gives kids special attention and bring only safe and Non-Toxic toys.
Every child from the age of 10 months and 1 year start meddling or exploring with the door, window latches, Velcro on shoes and switches. This is universal . We say NO because we do not want the child to be affected. Do not say NO to child. Instead get them the Engaging Board. Busy Board, 1 Year, Door Window
Engaging Board (Busy Board)
Every child from the age of 10 months and 1 year start meddling or exploring with the door, window latches, Velcro on shoes and switches. This is universal . We say NO because we do not want the child to be affected. Do not say NO to child. Instead get them the Engaging Board.