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a stuffed animal with the word ginger on it's chest
Ginger Soft Toy
Whether perched on a shelf, sitting on a bed, or nestled in your arms, the frog plushie is a perfect choice to bring joy and comfort to anyone lucky enough to call it their own. An epitome of cuteness and cuddliness, the adorable soft-toy made from premium 100% polyester is best to gift your baby bub an endearing amphibian friend to play with all day long as they hop around in their imaginary puddles!
a pink teddy bear with a blue shirt and hat on it's head hanging from a string
Addie Boy Plush Soft Doll Toy (35 Cms, Pink)
Adorable sweet, huggable plush baby doll is ready to snuggle! The world can be a far less scary place for a little one with a huggable, comforting companion at their side. Pretend play helps develop empathy and social skill development as children imagine the world through other eyes. The best way to describe Addie Boy’s irresistibly ultra-soft fur is to touch your little ones Skin - that's how this über cool stuffed doll feels.