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the puzzle box has an image of bugs and other cartoon characters on it's cover
Funskool Oggy Puzzle Creative Educational Set - 103 Pieces
Funskool's 103-piece Oggy and the Cockroaches Puzzle is an exciting way to get children ages 3 and up to combine motor skills, cognitive skills, creativity and imagination, and sensory skills. This must-have puzzle is a great choice for any fan of Oggy.
the adventures of tintin in 1 - 2 - 4 pc's puzzle box
Funskool the adventure of tintin (24 pieces puzzle)
TinTin 3-in-1 Puzzles aid in the development of memory building, hand & eye coordination, object recognition, and problem-solving skills. As children attempt to place pieces in the puzzle, their fine motor skills and reasoning are improved.Children have the opportunity to develop essential skills such as logic, critical thinking, and creative problem solving while enjoying the process of putting together the puzzle.
four puzzles are shown in different colors and designs, each with an image of the golden gate
1-50 Numbers Monuments Jigsaw Strip Puzzle
Learn numbers from 1-50 by arranging jigsaw puzzles from 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50 and in multiples of 10Know about monuments of India and learn numbers arranging the puzzles. Size of each puzzle 9*4 inchThickness of board - 6 mm
a puzzle box with an image of a city
I Love Hyderabad - 125 Piece Fun Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
This first of its kind artwork and jigsaw puzzle depicting a slice of life of modern Hyderabad makes for a great gifting idea and a perfect souvenir to take home and cherish for a long time. If you are from Hyderabad and living elsewhere then this puzzle is sure to bring back some great memories. Gift this jigsaw puzzle to your friends, family or colleagues and sit back and wait to collect all the compliments. A perfect gift for many occasions.
the puzzle box contains an image of a panda on it's back and is in front of a white background
Chess Panda- 150 Piece Fun Acrylic Jigsaw Puzzle
This puzzle is more than a simple jigsaw puzzle. Look closely and you’ll find there is chess game set hidden WITHIN the puzzle. Great for brain development and fun to put together and play multiple times. The puzzle is made from high quality ACRYLIC and a lot of effort went into making each piece perfect.
four pieces of puzzle with different colors and shapes on the same piece, one has an arrow
Shape Lock Puzzle Grand Puzzle Game
Shapelock puzzle game for kids comes with detailed instructions along with 16 shape- blocks of different patterns, colours and a wooden board to arrange those patterns on. It has Zero plastic. The game is 100% Made in India. Fun and engaging game. As we know developing young kid’s mind at early age is important. Shape Lock puzzle game for kids does just that. Smartokids Shape Lock Puzzle brain game develops coordination, concentration, reasoning, sensory, fine motor, Imagination in kids.
a miniature house made out of glass with plants inside
Miniature Green House - 1:24 Scale (231 pcs)
With so many beautiful and colorful little plants, flowers, vases, flower racks, slatted crates, wooden cabinets, paper boxes, photo frames, spades, broom, paintings, etc., this Miniature Green House will be an eye-catching home decor piece once you finish assembling it. Assembled Size: 7.68 X 6.89 X 6.89 inch, Puzzle pieces: 231 Pcs, Weight: 400 grams, Assembly Time - 20-24 Hours (plus glue drying time),
four different pictures of cartoon animals and sea creatures
3D 6 Face Animal Block Puzzle 6 in 1 Wooden Cube Jigsaw Toys (Aqua Animals)
Six puzzles in one! There are 9 solid wooden cubes in this unique puzzle. One part of the colourful sea animals is pictured on each side. Rotate the 9 colourfully-illustrated cubes as many times as you like, and create six adorable, playful animal puzzles. Since all of the cubes are interchangeable, kids may also create imaginative scenes or animals instead of or before learning to combine the cubes into the six sea animals.
a close up of a puzzle on a table
1-50 Numbers Monuments Jigsaw Strip Puzzle
Learn numbers from 1-50 by arranging jigsaw puzzles from 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50 and in multiples of 10Know about monuments of India and learn numbers arranging the puzzles. Size of each puzzle 9*4 inchThickness of board - 6 mm
Solar System Puzzle Game- Set of 5
This 30 jumbo pcs jigsaw puzzle is perfect for tiny hands of kids. It doubles up as a colouring activity as you flip it and turn it over! Cutely packaged in a tin box, it's a great birthday gift or a return gift for any little explorer's birthday party! Puzzles are essential to a child's growth and play time.
mickey mouse and friends jigsaw puzzle
Disney Mickey & Friends Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 35 Pieces
Puzzles are a great educational tool to enhance and promote cooperative play. As kids work together to complete a puzzle, they will discuss where a piece should go and why, take turns and share and support each other when handling frustration, then sharing the joy of finishing the puzzle.
Very simple, yet engaging gameplay keeps the excitement alive until only the loser is left behind. Feel free to make your own game rules to liven up a party! Card Games, For Kids, Games, Card Games For Kids, Escape Game, Game, Animal Cards
Yippy - Suspense Filled Animal Card Game For Kids
Here is a new animal-themed card game that will beat all others hollow. Upskill your ability to recognize animal coat patterns as you gain an advantage over your opponents. Be quick and smart as you begin to discard your cards and give a loud shout-out, YIPPY as soon as you are left with only one card. Become the Numero Uno as you discard that as well to win first.
Get the stunning Kaadoo Disney Pixoo Lion King Puzzle Game today! Disney Films, Lions, Disney Games, King Pin, Disney Movies, Disney Lion King, Jigsaw Puzzle Games
Disney Pixoo (Lion King) - Puzzle Game for Kids
It's like a mix between a puzzle and a game of dominoes. The hexagonal puzzle pieces are extremely gorgeous, with excellent colouring and craftsmanship.