Hot Cross Buns: I know you'd think, indeed I'd have thought, that it would be pointless to make something at home when the bought versions can be so good, but I find it peculiarly satisfying to make these, and although they look slightly ramshackle and unprofessional, they do have the edge on any shop-bought stuff.

Easter Egg Nest Cake: This has been my Easter stalwart for the past few years and I don't see that changing - ever. Make this just once, and you will be similarly convinced. Even if I wanted to stop making this, I wouldn't be allowed to.

Apple and Almond Cake for Passover and Any Other Time: It's astonishing how buttery this cake tastes, given that there is not a gram of butter in it. The flour is replaced with ground almonds - and cooked, cooled, pureed fruit provides moistness and flavour.

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