This is my beautiful child, Alyson. She is 15. She loves school, art and music! …

She's 16 and loves chocolate. She loves the colors: Sea foam Green and Lavender, and loves: flowers, horseback riding, and snow. << I don't know who came up with this but I love it! (She looks a heck of a lot like Anna though.

Beautiful Deepika Padukone

how can not luv the Beautiful Deepika Padukone. she's so cute.

Denim caftan with appliquéd figures of a man and woman, by Serendipity 3, American, 1976.

Caftan Designer: Serendipity 3 (American, opened Date: 1976 Culture: American Medium: cotton The traditional African garment called a caftan was evolved in the to go along with the free flowing hippy movement.

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