Soham Sanyal

Soham Sanyal

The facultative non-vegan traveller who day dreams about playing guitar in Royal Albert Hall.
Soham Sanyal
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Love this instrument and music is my life.

Easy Tips To Learning The Guitar. Everyone the world over seems to love guitar music. Most cultures across the world have guitar music. If you want to become a guitar player too, this is th

Jimmy with his Custom Gibson Les Paul "Black Beauty". Classic!

Jimmy Page with his namesake "Black Beauty" Gibson Les Paul Custom with Bigsby. Gibson based it on the original 1960 Les Paul Black Beauty that was stolen from Jimmy in 1970 and was never recovered.


Hulk by Deryl Braun. The Hulk is a symbol for both the narcissistic desire for unlimited physical strength in the male ego and the fear males have that their anger and physical strength will make them act in monstrous ways that feel uncontrollable .