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two baby sea otters are swimming in the water and looking up at the camera
an animal wearing a helmet and goggles is in the water with its mouth open
a small pug dog laying on the ground next to a blue metal table and chair
a small pug dog wearing a white coat
Adorable Baby!!!
a pug dog sitting on top of a pillow in front of a flat screen tv
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a small dog sitting on top of a blanket holding a candy lollipop in its mouth
a pug dog sitting on the floor in front of a door and looking up
Rest in Peace Chi-town my happy beautiful pug....
a pug dog sitting in front of a laptop computer
Love it
a pug dog is peeking out from under the covers on a white bed sheet
Tumblr edition
a pug dog laying on top of a couch next to a stuffed animal toy
a small dog with a blue bandana around its head
Suji is stunned! Stunned I tell ya!
a small black pug sitting on top of a green chair next to a wooden table
a dog laying on its owner's lap while they are cuddled up together
a small black pug laying on the floor with its tongue out and it's tongue hanging out
Pug Boris