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a woman is talking to someone on the television show i wanted to do an intimate story between the two characters & the idea that you can meet someone
Sofia Coppola on “Lost in Translation”
the words directed by sofia coppola written in black ink on a pink background
there is a lot of silver jewelry on the table with name tags and other items
an image of a man in a red suit and white shirt with words on it
Cribs with Louis XVI
a man holding a dog in his arms while wearing a wig and white hair on top of him
two women standing next to each other in front of a chandelier and dress
lovelymfey: Sofia Coppola and her daughter Romy... - babybluepariah
a woman sitting in a chair with a fan on her lap and looking at the camera
Trust your heart if the seas catch fire...
the collage shows people posing in different poses
Looking Back on ‘Hi-Octane,’ Sofia Coppola’s TV Homage to Gen-X
a collage of photos with women in dresses and accessories
a magazine cover with an image of a woman in white dress and flowers on her chest
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Sofia Coppola Updates on X
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