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Throwing a surprise party is a great way to show people how much they mean to you; they will appreciate the time and effort that has been put in to organise the party perfectly and the fact that you’ve managed to keep it a surprise for so long. However

If you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time, you’ve no doubt had good managers and bad managers. But how many of us have had great managers – managers that have really made working for them enjoyable? These managers have expanded our horizons, bolstered out skillsets and made us feel valued. They’re few and far between, but if you’ve ever worked for one, you know that they can be literally life-changing. - Offering financial advice on life insurance, mortgage, investments and retirement planning.

It is often a challenge to get in touch with coworkers who might be too problematic. It’s often hard for people to stick with each other when dealing with many things in the workplace.

Your suppliers are among the most important people for your business and to a great extent the success or failure of your business is determined by how well you deal with them. An uncaring and unscrupulous supplier can quickly lead to insolvency and downfall of your business whereas an honest and caring supplier can help your business grow by leaps and bounds.