this would be lovely on a bright day :) (and on the not so bright days too!)

Window Seats are a great place to read and dream

I used to love sitting in the solarium playing cards. I think a sunroom/conservatory is a great place to relax. I think it would be awesome to have one that's so sunny I could grow plants there, like the greenhouse at the Chocolate Museum.

Couverture | Vérandaline                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Bottom half blocked in to hide storage/ seating area

Reading Corner

Library conservatory // Whether you are hunting for conservatory design ideas, or just want to gaze longingly at glass houses, get inspired by these stylish structures.

Brighten Your Sun Room Design | Dig This Design

Brighten Your Sun Room Design

Arched window perfection, with palms as the view. Ceiling is hideous, though; overdone and detracts from the windows.

Lots of light by which to cook, wow.  And if you got a view of the sunrise or sunset in the bargain, it'd be just perfect.

Greenhouse-Inspired Kitchens Lots of Windows and Light. Weathered wood cabinets and modern metal and glass.