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the moon is setting in the blue sky above some clouds and a large white bird
Langansel love
there is a palm tree in the middle of an empty room with water and sky
Visual Escapism II, Somewhere in the World, 2020
Visual Escapism II, Somewhere in the World, 2020 - dreamlike surreal 3D worlds created by Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim of Mue Studio.
a purple and white flower is growing on a tree
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Where is the longing for the coming of God’s kingdom for all people, and how many committed Christians are ready to suffer for the sake of this cause?
two purple mushrooms are sitting on the ground
Die wundersame Welt der Pilze
Violetter Lacktrichterling essbar Hut bis zu 5 cm breit (Foto von: Rainer Harf)
a purple mushroom sitting on top of a moss covered ground
krummer junge :-)
purple mushrrom (cortinarius violaceus) | nature photography #fungi
a blue and white mushroom on the ground
Vic Tas - Stephen Axford
Mycena interrupta, Tasmania photo by Steve Axford
three small blue mushrooms growing out of the ground
20100606-22-Mycena interrupta mushrooms
20100606-22-Mycena interrupta mushrooms by Roger T Wong, via Flickr.
a purple plant that is growing out of the mossy ground in front of some trees
Ramariopsis pulchella
Clavaria zollingeri | by Echidna Charlie
a purple plant growing out of the ground
The Mystical World Of Mushrooms Captured In Photos
a person's hand reaching up into the air
Galvanized By Agoraphobia, Laurent Castellani Explores Pleasure Through Photography - IGNANT