"Chinese Art Is as Hot in the East as It Is in the West " Report - New York Times SHANGHAI, Nov. 28 — With prices for Chinese contemporary art soaring, Christie’s opened its week of art auctions in Hong Kong by realizing a record-breaking $67.9 million in its sales of Asian contemporary and Chinese 20th-century art.

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[Contemporary art in China] "Chinese checkers" The wild, wild world of the Chinese contemporary-art market

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Art Capitalism in China (Part I) By Zhu Qi In the first of two articles being published by ArtZineChina.com, Zhu Qi, an art critic and curator based in Beijing, and a graduate of the country's top arts school, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, has written a provocative essay about how Chinese contemporary art is being shaped by the booming marketplace. Zhu's essay offers a sweeping perspective on how the market developed after the "Stars" group first emerged in the 1970s and he…

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[In China, Contemporary Art is Chic] ... “Chinese collectors don’t have the taste or the time to learn about this. The way Chinese people buy art is similar to the way they buy brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes,” she said. According to Artpiece, Chinese buyers are attracted to the social prestige linked to the acquisition of works of art.

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[Art markets in China] "798—and out?" What's worse for artists, communism or capitalism? (2007)

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In China’s New Revolution, Art Greets Capitalism ...Are such prices justified? Uli Sigg, the former Swiss ambassador to China and perhaps the largest collector of Chinese contemporary art with more than 1,500 pieces, calls the market frothy but not finished. “I don’t see anything at the moment that will stop the rise in prices,” he said. “More and more people are flocking to the market.” Mr. Goedhuis insists that this is the beginning of an even bigger boom in Chinese contemporary…

The Art of making Money Where to invest or stash that extra cash. Tania Lee reports. It's a good time to be a contemporary artist in China. Rapid changes in society, driven by a thriving economy, have fueled creativity and strong high-end demand. As a result, China is now home to almost half of the world's 100 top-earning contemporary artists.

Art Capitalism in China (Part II) ... The 1985 New Wave art works that had inspired the young generation over a decade ago are now encased in glass boxes like mummies and end up cold sacred objects. The forgoing avant-garde art movement has ended, and another movement is madly starting. I can only call this movement "art capitalism's experiment in China"....

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