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Aviothic (n.) – The strong desire to be up in the air or to fly. Inspiration, Instagram, Fotos, Beautiful, Aesthetic Words, Zitate, Ord, Pretty Quotes, Kata-kata
Aviothic wallpaper
an old stone building with arches overlooking the ocean and cliffs in the distance, taken from inside one of the buildings
looking through
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a room
Pin by Suzy on Inspiration | Aesthetic wallpapers, Desktop wallpaper, Aesthetic desktop wallpaper
city magic
an aerial view of the city at night
an aerial view of new york city at night
Before Dark by Jon Fleurant / 500px
an old building with stairs leading up to the front door and light on this house
Park Slope, Brooklyn
the sun shines through an arched doorway into a building with columns and arches on either side
an aerial view of a city at night time with lots of lights and tall buildings
Through the Centuries, New York From Above (Published 2016)
a person walking down an alley way with street lights on either side and buildings in the background
An old alley crossing
a row of brownstone townhouses on a city street with trees in the foreground
Brooklyn Heights, New York City
an apartment building with stairs leading up to the front door and windows on either side
Brooklyn Heights, New York City